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Don't Take Life Too Seriously 

Welcome to Mushroom Cowboy, where our funky mushroom character rocks cowboy boots and encourages us to embrace the joy of being ourselves.


Whether you're still finding your path or confidently strutting your stuff, Mushroom Cowboy is here to groove with you.

Born in Austin, Texas, every piece of Mushroom Cowboy's creations is lovingly designed and crafted right here in the heart of the Lone Star State.


We're all about connecting with everyone, meeting you wherever you may be on your journey of self-discovery.


So, if you're all about celebrating your quirks and having a laugh along the way, you've found your tribe with Mushroom Cowboy and our collection of apparel, artwork, and more. 


Kick back, let loose, and remember that life's too short to take it too seriously.

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